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*Testimonials taken from a coaching website, that I'm listed on, where clients were asked to leave a review for the coach*

My daughter and I were very impressed with Coach Andrew after our last session! The drills my daughter ran with him definitely seemed like they
would help her on the court. He pushed her hard to improve her skills. I liked how he provided some resistance against her shots. He was helpful
in pointing out things to work on and encouraging her on the court!

Coach Andrew did a great job working with my son. My son was able to improve on some of the skills that he as struggling with. My son also
enjoyed his workout sessions with Andrew. I would strongly recommend coach Andrew.

My high school daughter really enjoyed her 1st session with Andrew. He was engaging and gave her very specific constructive feedback that will
help her improve her skills in multiple areas. We are signed up for more with Andrew and would recommend him highly.

Coach Andrew is fantastic!! He really knows how to connect with kids! He keeps the athlete engaged the entire time. His knowledge of basketball
is vast; his techniques are very effective. We are extremely glad we found Coach Andrew!!

My daughter left the first session feeling more confident in her basketball skills. She enjoyed the drills that Coach Andrew did with her.

Coach Andrew has been a great coach for our daughter. He has helped fine tune her shot to get a better spin and make more baskets. He does
a great job pushing and challenging fundamentals without being too strict.

Coach Andrew is very good at working with kids and he really knows all aspects about basketball!! Highly recommended!